Hi and welcome to The Thin Pig!

My aim at The Thin Pig is to inspire others to get in their kitchens and start cooking for their families and with their families!! If you are new to cooking, I hope I can help you get a little more comfortable in the kitchen and possibly step out of your comfort zone.

Cooking and baking are my personal passions, but so is helping others find their way into the kitchen. After all, we are here on earth to help others!!

In my humble opinion, cooking is such an important addition to each of our lives on so many levels. Not only can we learn to feed our families and growing babies healthy, fresh foods, we can also teach our children the value of time around the table at the end of a long day. 

Pulling up your chair to a family style meal set around the kitchen table is an experience your kids will remember for the rest of their lives, and hopefully pass on to their own children one day. 

Imagine your own kitchen table. What’s on it? Is there a big bowl of pasta tossed with a freshly made, vibrant red tomato sauce? How about a hunk of Parmesan, ready for the grating? A chiffonade of basil from the garden perhaps…along with a platter of salad dressed in a tangy vinaigrette? Did you set your table with beautiful, rustic bowls, or simple white plates? Cloth napkins? Candlelight? Can you hear any music playing softly in the background? 

I always try to make eating dinner an experience for my family. The cooking, table setting, and candlelighting is all me, but since my husband Dave is a die hard music fanatic, he picks the tunes…and does dish duty when it’s all over…how awesome is that??


In my humble opinion you can eat anything and everything you want in moderation. Key word…MODERATION. There is no reason to starve yourself…or only eat meat…or eat 8 apples a day and nothing else…or any of the countless number of restrictions we put on our bodies and minds.

Life is meant to be enjoyed!! Eating is something we do everyday. Sometimes we eat three times a day, and sometimes three times a day with a couple treats thrown in too. Food is one of the most enjoyable experiences we can have as humans, so start eating well and feeling good!

Life can be stressful. Today’s modern society can make it near impossible to add one more chore to your to do list. I encourage you to spend time in a kitchen that can provide peace and solitude from your busy life and mind. Unspeakable pleasures await you once you sink your hooks onto some good technique, some fresh ingredients, and some patience to practice your new craft. I sincerely hope the next time we talk it will be about something awesome you created in the kitchen!!

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