Thai Chicken Noodle Soup!!

This is one super simple, super delicious, one pot, under 30 minute soup! Wow, that was a mouthful!! Ramen noodles swim in a tasty broth that starts with lots of fresh ginger and red curry paste. Coconut milk, lime juice, sliced chicken, mushrooms, and flavorful cilantro round things out 🙂

Crockpot Mexican Style Pork Stew anyone??

This crockpot Mexican Pork Stew is so flavorful and delicious!! Top with lots of shredded sharp cheddar, tangy sour cream, and fresh cilantro!!

Five minute healthy breakfast here, get your five minute healthy breakfast!!

What a great way to start the day!! A protein packed bowl of coconut Greek yogurt, almond butter granola, sweet sweet honey, semisweet chocolate chips, naners, creamy peanut butter swirls, and some chia to keep you fuller longer 🙂 Oh yeah, there’s some slivered almonds too!!

Dark Chocolate + Espresso Buttercream = MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN FOLKS!!!

Have you been all over the internet searching for the richest, chocolatiest, dark chocolate cupcake? Stop searching…THIS IS IT!!!

Super sticky pecan caramel rolls anyone?

How about a no-knead pecan sticky roll? You better jump on this one!! It will forever remain in your culinary rotation..I PROMISE!!!

A simple, impressive little Valentine shortbread cookie!

Helloooooooo shortbread!! One of my all time favorite cookies!! What’s not to love…lots of BUTTER & SUGAR!!! Let’s get bakin’!!

Kale Yeah!!! Kale Salad!!! 🙂

The greenest of the green, super food Kale takes a spin in my salad bowl with some yummy little pals! A super fast, super delish salad to add to your repertoire. 


Oh my gosh this is sooooooooooooo good you guys!!! Try this recipe out to experience euphoria!!!

Spicy shredded buffalo chicken, meet creamy peppercorn ranch!!

An easy, delicious salad of crisp romaine, spicy buffalo chicken, tangy blue cheese, cool peppercorn ranch, crunchy celery, and creamy avocado. You are in for a treat!!

The Perfect Bistro Salad

Wish you were sitting roadside at a swanky French bistro?? You can be..but from the comfort of your home…and with the help of this Bistro Salad. No judgment if you eat in your pajamas…I do too sometimes!!

Ratatouille & Cheese & Bread?? Count me in!!

Hollowed out French bread stuffed with roasted Ratatouille and a creamed feta lemon spread. A perfect appetizer and totally vegetarian too!

Chorizo Nachos…aka “THE CHACHO”

Are you game day ready?? Add this fully loaded skillet of chorizo nachos to your party table people and I promise you will be!!!! 

This soup tastes like an Enchilada & a Tamale had a baby!!!

Do you like delicious soup? Do you like Mexican food? You better check this one out!! Shredded chicken, enchilada soup!!

Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies a la Grandma Betty!!

A super chewy, old fashioned molasses cookie with brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Don’t miss out on this one…it’s SPECIAL!!

Spicy Ramen Noodles? Heck yeah!!!

A ramen noodle bowl that will satisfy the kid in you!! A spicy little number with red miso, chili paste, garlic, ginger, lime, and fresno chilis. Check it out! Eat this one when it’s cold and rainy!

LET’S GET TROPICAL!! Coconut Smoothie!!

Need an escape from the mundane? Grab your blender! This sweet coconut smoothie will have you feeling tropical in no time! Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Carrot Soup for the Soul

Feeling under the weather? This velvety CARROT SOUP is topped with crispy, pan fried Parmesan croutons, tangy, salted creme fraiche, and dill. Grab some carrots and meet me in the kitchen for one of the simplest soups ever!!!

The perfect winter salad

Does winter have you longing for fresh, summer fruit yet? It does me!! However, this ARUGULA SALAD with crunchy garlic croutons, sweet pears, pan fried prosciutto, tangy goat cheese, and sharp shallot vinaigrette will melt the winter blues away. Winter salad here we come!!  

Morning sweet tooth? Try this caramelized French toast!!

This FRENCH TOAST is for the serious sweet tooth only folks! Thick strips of french baguette are soaked in a lemon infused batter, fried up in rich, glorious butter until crispy and brown, and then smothered in a sweet, vanilla bean flecked mascarpone whip. Only attempt this one if you are serious about sweets!! You will not be disappointed!!

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